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Royal Dungeon

It is a cold wet night when you hear guards rushing by. You sneak out to see what all the commotion is about. The Royal Guards have discovered the secret to the treasure of the Royal dungeon. The King has ordered a Royal Decree, the 1st part to finding the secret treasure. You notice the Kings Guards are low on numbers, "Maybe I can take the treasure for myself, or I could help and get rewarded by the king" you think to yourself. Either way, you are not alone on this adventure as you spot a bunch of thieves watching from the other side of the road. You grab your bag and tell your friends as you sneak in the Royal Dungeon, knowing it has been over run for centuries and is full of Danger.

You crawl through the vault door and immediately notice there are others here sneaking into the dungeon, "There must be a secret entrance through that cave" you think to yourself and note it for later. You take a good look around, it is dark here, there are bats everywhere and blood spattered on the stone floor. The torches on the walls flicker as you  notice giant shadows flutter, it must just be the darkness playing tricks, it looks like the statues of the old kings are moving. You spot the others crawl through the shadows, it is dangerous here, you may need to make friends with them, but you don't know what they are up to. Are they here to help the Royal Guards, or are they here to help themselves? Right now you have you to remember the Royal Decree, it holds the secret to getting that treasure. You take a step forward and hear a shriek as a silhouette on the wall appears to rip apart one of the others. You freeze. Hearing a rustling beside you, you turn and spot a small, bear-like creature, going through a pile of garbage. Another one standing in the shadows next to him. You have not seen these creatures before on the surface, yet they seem to be intelligent. Then from around the corner a Lizard Folk woman comes running and screaming " I told you to clean this up". As she screams, the bear creature rummaging through the trash tosses a bottle behind him and it hits you in the head. "Sorry, I didn't notice you there" laughs the bear-like creature, wearing a large bag full of trash on his back, he slides down the trash and introduces himself to you "I'm Jason and this is Damien," Damien steps out of the shadows.
"listen here, Beatle bears!" screams the Lizard folk "The king has let the secret out to the guards to find the treasure hidden in here and we are going to find it", noticing you she stops. she sniffs you up and down and groans "Who are you?"...

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