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Sloth Empire

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Leisure with Pleasure

Sloth Empire is about bringing innovations to the board games industry, combining different genres, new technology and interoperable compatibility between games, creating a diverse world to explore. Sloth Empire brings aims to bring board games everybody, with humour and adventure at our heart.

Meet The Creator

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Rene Macarthur


"Growing up I have always enjoyed games, I would love to play board games with my family and Video games with my friends. I love to explore the wonderful worlds designed by people, the human spark that's ignited by the soul creating a vibrant flame of existence. I always wanted to develop my own company creating games, as I always felt the intricacies of what makes a game a fun experience so much closer to my heart than the game itself. While I pursued a different direction, I always felt the calling pull me back. As I completed my university studies, as a master in Business Psychology, I wanted to push my passion for the games industry and my knowledge for business and human experience together to create Sloth Empire." 

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