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What are Road To Royal NFTS?

Road To Royals intends to release a series of NFT games related to the board game. The first of the series is to be a battle card game that utilizes the same battle system as the board game. 

The release date of the first game is still unannounced, but before it launches, make sure to get yourself a series 1 NFT...

Series 1 -
Character Collection

The series contains all the characters of Road to Royals.
Mint now for your chance to get a unique drop, rare or common!

Policy ID: 9ad1bb6bdf9237e5364b031bdf8cf527556220cb0fe0a658098622c8

Owners Benefits


Limited Collection

This Collection only has a limited mint of 192 NFTs


Earn Rewards

Owning the Series 1 collection earns you Free NFTs with future collections


Be a Founder

Be recognised as an original member of Road To Royals

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