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The Kingdom

Birth of the kingdom

The Kingdom was founded by the humans in a meadow that lays between the Forest, Mountains and Desert. It was a means of protecting themselves from the outside world that posed a danger to the humans. Only through the intelligence, organisational skills and sheer giantism of the human race could such a kingdom be built. 

The Purge

The humans were giants to the other races, more sophisticated and powerful, regarded as gods among many. As such the humans still had allies among the lesser races. So when the guilds struck from the shadows to murder the humans, civil war broke out, many were killed, but no race had been so badly hit as the humans, which were nearly left extinct. But good was to prevail that day and evil took back to the shadows.

Opening the Gates

After centuries of Building the kingdom, the humans had made peace with some of the more civilized races from the regions surrounding them. These races are known as the Bovineans, Erynik and Lizard Folk. They then became a part of the kingdom, forging an everlasting friendship between the four races in a kingdom where the beer flows freely.

End of a Dynasty

Now the king is sick, dying, left without an heir. He believes the only way his kingdom can survive is to give it to a lesser race. However, he cannot trust anyone, he does not know his enemies from his friends as his kingdom is left in chaos. So he decides to host a tournament, announcing 3 Royal Decrees, each more dangerous than the last. Only a true hero can complete these tasks.


As time went on in the kingdom, distress grew as power was in the hands of the human race. The Lizard folk, Bovineans and Erynik were known to be the lesser races to the 'superior' human race. Guilds were formed between thieves and gangs as the lesser races aimed to target the humans of the city, while they worshiped the evil gods.


You are a lowlife, a second class citizen and a lesser race. Overhearing the Kings Royal Decree you decide to hear the call and join in, this adventure could change your life forever. however the guilds of evil are plotting against the throne and heroes of good are finding friends who are loyal to the kingdom, now you have to make your choice as you embark on the Road To Royals.

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