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Characters and their races in the ultimate RGP board game Road To Royals

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The Bovineans are naturally peaceful creatures that come from the forest region. Their looks are distinguishable from tribe to tribe as they resemble different Bovine creatures. Often they are compared to the mighty minotaurs, but they are much shorter and much more sociable. Bovineans are very agile dispite their often stocky look, only reaching a height of 4'11" in the larger males. 

Lizard Folk

Lizard Folk are known for their hardiness as they once dwelled in the desert regions. They are formidable veterans of survival and adaptability, but less social then the other races, often preferring solitude to the banter of others. The scaly skin of the Lizard Folk allow them to withstand a lot of damage despite only being 4'6" tall.

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The Erynik Come from the mountain region, the region is known to raise magical creatures and the Erynik are no different. The Erynik have a mysterious past, some say they evolved from fairies, others say they are spawns of the succubus. Whatever the case, they have been the muse for great artworks and are indisputably charismatic. They may be the shortest race in the kingdom at only 4ft, but they are not to be underestimated. 


Even more mysterious than the Erynik are the Beatlebears. Beatlebears are a lesser race of Bugbears that were enslaved by their larger, stronger cousins. They lived and served their masters in deep caverns and caves, many never to see the daylight. Those who manage to escape are welcomed into the city as refugees, but often find their fate is still the same. While they are 4'2" they are stronger any other race in the kingdom.

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