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Learn About the Regions Outside the Kingdom

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The forest is densely filled with trees and rats. The rats have thrived after the Bovinean tribes moved out and into the kingdom. As a void has been left at the top of the food chain, the forest is filled with a new race that is emerging from the canopy, the Sloth Bears. Dangerous yet slow, the Sloth Bears have caused warning for the kingdom that uses the forest for lumber. You must always watch your head walking through the forest.


The Mountains is a place of magical creatures, the serenity of the place fills the mind with energy. This energy is why so many people who wish to learn magic come to gather here and why there are so many critters that are tied to magical fates. However, as more magic is used in the mountains the more creatures are born from the dust left by such energy. As Iron can only be found in the Mountainous region, safety of the miners means it is dangerous for so many spell casters to be in the region.

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The desert is a place that is full of gold deposits, but this gold has left nothing for anyone as war has waged for millennia. The Lizard Folk started to appear in the desert during the last great war and they lived off the remnants of what remained of the dead. For some the last great war still wages over the desert, but now the Lizard folk have found their hardships to be over as they joined the kingdom, exchanging eating carcasses for bread and beer.

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