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A New Dynasty Is About To Begin.

How Will You Take The Throne?

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Road To Royals

Combine the elements of strategy and Role-Play

Road to Royals takes you on an adventure across a new land, mixing elements of RPG and Strategy games to give you the experience of competing in economic and brutal warfare. The game utilizes a unique alignment system based on moral actions that players take, so that you compete in dynamic teams of trust and betrayal.

About Us


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Build buildings to create income and change the board to your advantage, becoming a rich Lord controlling the land.


Take on the role of a unique character as you progress your stats and collect items becoming a powerful player on the battleground.


Choose whether to be Good or Evil, each action you take has a moral consequence. Both your team and ability is granted to you as a consequence of your alignment.

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The Heroes Await For An Adventure Of A Lifetime, Will You join Them?

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Explore the Games

The King is dying and there is not much time left, explore the world of Road To Royals and learn about the great world before embarking on an adventure.


Shop the NFTs

The NFT series brings ownership of the game to you, invest in our NFTs and you will help fund the game and bring our vision closer to you.

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Meet the Characters

The Characters of Road to Royals are all very unique individuals, misfits that don't belong in such a dangerous world. Now is their chance to show their worth and claim the throne.


Overcome The Kingdom With Evil, Or Fight For Good and Glory.
Build, Destroy, Overcome!
You Have The Power To Be Whoever You Want To Be In Road To Royals!


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